Fracking: Shale gas & the fracking process


There are lots of links on this page to give you a wealth of information about fracking

Here is a link to an article by John Dewar operations manager at THird Energy discussing their plans to frack at Kirbymisperton and rebuffing the scary claims made by the anti-fracking movement.

Watch these short You Tube videos for an explanation about the process of fracking.

This link takes you to a very useful information piece released by UKOOG

This pdf leaflet explains fracking and was produced by Ineos who kindly gave permission for it to be used on FORGE's web site.

Follow the link for an explanation by DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) of the process behind fracking for shale gas, and the controls in place to monitor and regulate fracking-induced seismic activity.

We advise that people contact Third Energy if they have any questions about the process.